Martina Barnetova

Hello, I am Martina Barnetova, residing in Pilsen, West Bohemia, Czech Republic, I have studied Book culture and design at the West Bohemian University.

I am a sporty person and love to do biking, swimming, skiing, windsurfing,… and when it is possible I like to do sailing also… And I love photography!!

I am very open to travel, meeting new people and my love for photography and graphic design got me into taking pictures of sailing and meeting people at sailing events.
My goal is to capture the atmosphere of the event and people with my camera. The way sailors are getting together, enjoying each other’s company on the beach or port and the intense racing and competition on the water between them is for me the biggest inspiration and drive to capture in pictures and to show to the world.

I try to capture the boats, their crews, their faces and the dynamic of that sailing sport in every which way.
I like taking pictures for a long time already, but the last 5 years my intrest grew for sailing events and the whole dynamic atmosphere around it, especially the more faster sailing boats. I have attended several events in Czech Republic and also across Europe in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Holland and even in Australia at the Tornado World Champions regatta. Australia was for me the best event with the Tornado sailors. I very much like and follow the Tornado regattas, but every experience of every regatta is again great and intense.

I am very happy whenever it is possible or I get the chance to combine photography and graphic design. When I am on the water I have very close feelings to what is happening and on preparation of photos and graphic design I still have thoughts and feelings about what happened on the water on that moment and I try to put this into my pictures or graphic designs.


Have a great day! 🙂

Martina Barnetova


P.S. And if you have found a picture or maybe some pictures you are interested in, I can sent you this picture in Hi-res or Mid-res for your convenience…
Please feel free and do not hesitate to contact me about it and I will have it sent to you either directly by mail or by mailtransfer site.

My pictures stay under my copyright and are not to be used for other than the agreed reasons and will not be used for other than that reasons.


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